5 Accessories to Upgrade Your Door

Posted on: 18 October 2019

Would you like to upgrade the look and operation of your garage door but you don't have the budget to replace your boring but functional door? The good news is you can upgrade the door with the right accessories for much less than the cost of a new overhead door. The following are a few accessory upgrades to consider.

1: Go Automatic

If you have been manually opening your garage door, then an automatic opener will be the height of luxury. You can find automatic openers for nearly any garage door style. If you currently have an automatic opener, but it tends to open slowly or noisily, then upgrade to a more powerful but quieter belt-driven model.

2: Add Some Luxury Hardware

A plain door isn't ugly, it's simply a blank canvas that you can decorate. Hardware is an inexpensive way to make a major impact. For example, you can opt for wrought iron faux hinges, for example, to give your plain door the look of a luxury carriage door.

3: Dress Up the Windows

For garage doors that have windows, changing their look can improve the door's appearance. Frosting, tinting, and etching the windows are the most common options. If your door doesn't have windows but you like how they look, you can have just a single panel replaced with a window panel, if that panel option exists for your garage door model. If functional windows aren't a concern, you can also purchase window trim kits that create a faux window effect.

4. Consider Panel Trim

A flat swinging door often looks bland because there are no panels to break up the visual expanse. Fortunately, there are garage door trim kits that can solve this challenge. You simply affix the trim to the door with small nails, clips, or glue. The result is the look of panels without the need to replace your old door with a modern paneled door. Just make sure that your automatic opener can support the additional weight the trim kit adds to the door.

5. Change the Color

Finally, one of the simplest upgrades to make for wood or metal doors is paint. You can sand a wood door and either paint it a new color or stain it a natural hue. Metal can be painted in a variety of colors. There are even products available that can be used on vinyl doors.

For more help, contact a garage door service through resources such as https://raynordoor.com/ to see what upgrades are available for your door.