Slide One Door out and the Next Door In: How Simple a Garage Door Installation Can Be

Posted on: 21 March 2019

A new garage door installation can be simple, or it can be complex. It all depends on what kind of new door you are going to have installed. Here is how it goes, based on simple to complex installations.

Exact Same Door, Exact Same Rolling System

If you purchased the exact same type of garage door to install this time around, and it uses the exact same system to open and close, all the installation technician has to do is roll the old door off the tracks and roll the new door into the tracks. To do that, any garage door opener you have has to be disconnected from the old door and removed. The bumper behind the opener is where the old door used to stop before it was controlled by an opener. That, too, has to be removed.

Then the old door is rolled up and back, and right off the track guides. Your installation technician will need two extra pairs of hands to manage this, so do not be surprised if he/she shows up with two extra technicians in tow. Once the old door has been rolled right off the track system, the new door is lifted into place and its casters are slid into the track guides. It will roll right down into place. From there, everything that secures that door in place, and the bumper and door opener, are attached and reattached. 

Different Kind of Door

If you install a different kind of door than the one you have had all of this time, all of the casters, guides, openers, springs, chains, and the old door are completely removed. The new door has a different system for opening the door, and that opening system has to be installed after removing all remnants of the old system. Whether the door opens to the side or flips up and out before moving back overhead, the guide systems for these doors have to be fully installed before the doors can be installed.

Then the doors are installed on their respective guide systems, depending on what door you decided to install in place of your old door and system. This is how, when, and where an installation becomes complicated (i.e., because you chose a different kind of door and opening system). You can see how simple the prior duplicate door installation is so simple in comparison to this different style of garage door and garage door installation.