Why A Motorized Garage Door Is Essential For Your New Home

Posted on: 9 April 2018

The best part about constructing a new home is getting the chance to pick out all of the features. It's so much fun to finally have the opportunity to decide just what kinds of fixtures you'll include throughout the entire house. You'll be working hand-in-hand with the general contractor to construct the home of your dreams. One of the details that you'll need to decide on is whether to have a manual or a motorized garage door. It might seem like a small matter but it's actually a pretty major decision. See why a motorized garage door is absolutely the right choice for your new home.

Automatic Garage Doors Are Great In Bad Weather

When torrential rains are pouring down all around you the dash from your car to the garage door can seem like the longest run in the world. You have to quickly pull the garage door up and run inside in order to avoid being drenched in rain. If you've ever been in this kind of situation before it's definitely not something that you want to repeat. Getting a motorized garage door is the key to keeping it from happening again.

Your automatic garage door will come with a key fob that you can place in a place that is convenient for you. Maybe you attach it to the sun visor in your car or hang it from your keyring. When you arrive back at the house each day you can simply press the button that is on the front of the key fob and the door will rise up to let you drive your car smoothly into the garage. No matter what the weather happens to be you'll be nice and dry!

Motorized Garage Doors Are The Safe Choice

It's also very important for you to consider just how safe a manual door will be. You wouldn't want just anybody to come along and lift up your garage door. This is dangerous because the intruder could try to enter your home.

Automatic garage doors are ultra secure. Many of the remotes feature rolling codes that change each time you click the button. You can even place the door on a vacation hold so that it will only open up from the inside.

Your garage door is an essential entry point for your house. Choose the right door so you can make the most out of the home that you are building. To learn more, contact a company like Automatic Door Company