Things That Can Cause Erractic Garage Door Movement

Posted on: 29 August 2017

When a metal garage door begins moving erratically, it is the type of problem that should not be ignored. Garage doors are designed to have controlled movement to ensure that they are safe and functional. Erratic movement from the door is often a sign that the torsion springs are not in good shape and need professional attention. However, there are other areas of the door that can affect the proper movement as well. Take a look at the list of things in this article that you should be concerned about when a garage door moves erratically.

Why Torsion Springs Are Important

Torsion springs are important when it comes to the movement of a garage door for several reasons. One of the key roles of torsion springs is to manage the weight of the door, as garage doors are heavy. The door can move excessively fast if the torsion springs are not properly coiled. The springs should be inspected to ensure that they are not becoming uncoiled. Look at the top area of your garage door. Don't attempt fixing the coils on your own because all it takes is for one of them to snap during the process for you to get badly injured.

How Tracks Can Affect Door Movement

Although torsion springs are the main parts that can affect door movement, you should also turn your attention to the tracks. The purpose of the tracks is the make it easy for the torsion springs to guide the door in a smooth manner to prevent erratic behavior. Basically, the tracks can begin causing door movement problems when one or both of them is misaligned. Tracks can usually be straightened up and secured into place when they are misaligned. You should also keep in mind that metal tracks can also become bent and cause door movement problems.

What the Rollers Might Need

The torsion springs and tracks are useless without the rollers that are on a garage door. While the torsion springs control the speed of door movement by carrying the weight, and the tracks keep the door moving in a straight manner, the rollers keep door movement smooth. If some of the rollers stop rotating completely, the door can move erratically. Problematic rollers might need to be oiled up. Hire a professional to perform an inspection if you want to find out if your garage door should be repaired or replaced.