What Can You Do To Protect A Valuable Car?

Posted on: 27 July 2017

Purchasing the most expensive vehicle you've ever owned is exciting, but also nerve wracking. What if something happens to the vehicle? Thankfully, there are a couple of things to consider for protecting your purchase.

Get Great Auto Insurance

Before you drive the car out of your garage, make sure that it has an insurance plan that is befitting a valuable car. If you can't afford to replace it, make sure it's well-insured. Comprehensive auto insurance will be important for preventing loss in the event of theft or attempted theft. And get a good collision insurance plan with a low deductible so that you won't even have to hesitate to take your car into an auto body shop if it gets dinged on the road.

Make Sure the Car Has Its Own Safety Features

At the same time, your car can protect itself in many ways. One thing to make sure you have is an anti-theft device that will deter burglars. These devices let a security officer know right away if someone attempts to break into the car. Some anti-theft devices are also simple steering wheel locks that will not let the car go anywhere. Crash avoidance is another technology to look for; there are plenty of technology options for helping you be a better driver. All drivers are fallible, but lane detection and backup cameras will prevent mistakes.

Provide a Secure Space for the Vehicle

At home, be sure you have a space for your vehicle that's well protected. Start with the overhead doors on your garage. They should be of a solid construction; ideally, a steel exterior and a light, insulated core. If the door has windows, make sure that an intruder can't see your vehicle from outdoors. Many garage doors have windows along the top that are higher than a pedestrian's eye level. The locks on your door are important, too, and they can be electronic locks that hook into your home security system. Contact a company like Duncan Door Service Inc for more information on the best garage doors for security.

Aside from the garage door, having good lighting around your garage will help. Have your electrician wire some motion sensor exterior lights to startle intruders.

Do Regular Maintenance

Another facet of protecting a nice vehicle is following your owner's manual to the letter. It will explain how long the car was designed to last and which parts are predicted to need service at various intervals. If you keep an eye on this and do auto maintenance, you will get better performance and longevity.