Options To Consider When Choosing An Attractive New Garage Door

Posted on: 27 July 2017

If your home was built in the last decade or so, the garage probably makes up a large part of the front of your home. Newer homes are built with convenience in mind, so you can pull from the street directly into the garage and enter your house. Because of this, you want an attractive garage door so your home maintains its curb appeal. Choosing a garage door based on appearance is a matter of personal taste, but the door should complement the style and color of the rest of your home's exterior. Here are some of the options to think about.

Roll Up Or Carriage Door

Traditional garage doors are the roll up variety that open overhead by sliding up on rollers. Carriage doors are becoming more popular because they add a luxurious touch to the exterior of your home and they are easier to match to your entry door. Carriage doors are typically made of wood and they open to the sides just like French doors. Carriage doors require a few extra steps to close and lock the doors if you do it manually, but the appearance could make the expense and effort worthwhile.

Window Placement

Windows affect the appearance of your garage door too. You don't need to have windows in your door, but if you want them, you can choose from a variety of sizes, configurations, and glass materials. Some things to keep in mind are how the windows affect the security of your garage as well as how they affect the ability of the door to insulate the space. If you have a wood garage door installed, and it is custom made according to your specifications, it can have windows put in that look just like the windows on your house for a seamless look across the front of your property.

Garage Door Color

The color of your garage door is another choice you need to make. If you install a wood door, you probably want to stain it and let the natural grain show through. Other doors come in a variety of colors so you can choose the color you want without worrying about the upkeep of painting. However, if you want a custom color or a color that matches your entry door, you can paint your garage door. If you change the exterior paint color of your home occasionally, you may want a garage door that is easy to paint so you can change its color too.

Steel and wood doors are good choices, although once you paint the door, you'll have to keep up with peeling off flaking paint and repainting the door occasionally. Vinyl doors may not be the best option for painting. You can paint vinyl, but if the color is too dark, it might cause the door to hold onto heat and warp. If you opt for a vinyl door, be sure it is able to be painted if you think that's a possibility in the future.

If you haven't shopped for a new garage door in years, you'll be pleased with all the options available now. Manufacturers are bringing new materials and styles onto the market since garage doors are displayed so prominently from the street. Although you'll have a lot of choices to sort through, you're sure to find a look you love or you can have a door custom made for your home. For more information, talk to a company like Doors That Work, inc.