Recent Rash Of Burglaries In Your Neighborhood? 3 Ways To Improve Home Security With Your Garage Door

Posted on: 17 July 2017

Hearing the news about a nearby burglary sent you running to double check that you locked your front door. While this is an effective safety strategy, it is important to note that many people overlook one of the largest entrances to their homes. Your garage houses some of your most valuable property, and it provides a convenient entrance for burglars who can take advantage of the door width to exit with big ticket items such as electronics and furniture. To prevent becoming a victim, use these tips to improve your garage door's security:

Hide Your Door Remote

A common mistake homeowners make is storing their garage door remote on their car's dash or visor. Unfortunately, this is very much like leaving the keys to your house on the hood of your car for a criminal to steal. Whether you leave your car in the driveway or a parking lot, all it takes is for a criminal to get your remote and figure out the location of your home to be able to enter with just the simple press of a button. Ideally, you should keep your garage door remote in your purse, pocket, or in a locked component of your car that is out of view from the window.

Repair and Cover Windows

Windows on a garage door add a touch of beauty, yet this area is vulnerable to damage from the weather. Clear windows also provide an easy view of the contents hidden inside your garage. If your windows are cracked or missing, then promptly have them repaired or replace the garage door. You can also install a new door with frosted glass windows or other embellishments that are less likely to entice burglars to target your home.

Maintain the Mechanical Components

It is also important to make sure that your door works correctly since all it takes is for your door to stall halfway down for a criminal to take advantage of the easy entrance. Garage doors should be professionally inspected at least yearly, although yours may need to be checked more often if it is getting older. Between inspections, you can do your part to prevent it from being opened by making sure that your locks work correctly.

Updating your home security should always involve checking to make sure that your garage door is in proper working order. By knowing how to prevent theft through the largest opening to your home, you can drive away with full confidence that everything will be exactly as it should be when you get back.